Beware of Malware

It appears that someone has copied my game page and is using it to host malware. I am still waiting on to reply to me regarding my support ticket. If you could please report the page, that would greatly help: Unfortunately, this happened over a major holiday and a weekend, so I have no idea how long this page will remain up.

Literally within moments of posting this Itch took the fake page down, likely in response to my DMCA request. Still, be wary of uploads that are not from my page. Thank you to the Itch Team for being quick to act.

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I miss updates

Nice >:)


No you mean


Good to know it's been taken down. I want worms not worms.

Phew... my com broke down due to malware, hopefully no one was affected by it

Here's hoping it doesnt happen again

That's nice to hear.


well glad to hear that itchio is on top of its shit


I guess you could call them a "parasite" BA DUM TSS... I'm sorry


what jerks! hope this never happens to you again! wtf! :(