New Chitinous Carnival Content Coming Soon

Yo yo, I just wanted to make a small post on the status of my development for CC. I've been hard at work on many boring internal details. And, there is still a lot I need to refine and implement. However, I've also worked on some new scenes for the funhouse.

    These scenes will flesh out the options during the glory hole event. They also showcase one of the mechanics I've had planned for a while. This update should be ready this Saturday. However, I still need to proofread and bug test the new additions.

    Additionally, this update will introduce a Supporter Version for 5$. However, if you buy CC before I release it, you can get it at any price you wish. The Supporter Version will come with my testing tools. These tools can jump to any scene in the game and change the state in various ways. 

    Finally, I would like to note that both the Supporter Version and free version will have access to all the scenes I create. I have no plans to wall content, but I would like to offer something for those that support this project.

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Bug test, eyyyyy? *waggles eyebrows*

Couldn't resist. Looking forward to more! :)


lol, yeah, was about to say, don't fix all the bugs!

I'm normally cheap af, but I love the really niche content of this game. I'd be down to support it just because we need more game devs who are unafraid to dive into the kinkier stuff. These are the real heroes. :3