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This was weird but really well done and surprisingly wholesome! Usually insect TF's don't do it for me but this one did. Great work.

Because I'm not a native English speaker, I don't know whether the boy likes his new body, but I understand all the part of Izorath exploring the new entrance of the boy。。。

I am unable to unzip on android


hey would be cool if there was cheat code


The game is great and fun and the end scene is delicious. That being said I NEED those cards in physical form. the art is fantastic on them!

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I beat it after only an hour~ Bad RNG sucks.

Edit: Actually it wasn't too bad, I rebeat it on the second try.


seems like a cool game but idk how to play so ill leave it at that


This game is nice, i should have left comment when it came out. Hey quan do you feel sad about the way you look and that is your inspiration for making this game?


So this is what you've been working on instead of chitinous carnival, neat.

On that note, do you have any development for CC?

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Hell yeah I get to become a cool bug

Really liked this!

Shame the rest of your gallery isn't for me. Sympathetic bugs are quite underrepresented, but parasites and sounding aren't my thing.

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