Crawling swarms of spider-like insects skitter across your cock. Try your best to remove them, or maybe you want to try and get them in.

Night Crawlers originally started as a simple test scene for Chitinous Carnival. However, I let the scope creep past what I originally intended, so I decided to spin it into its own small game/toy. 

If you enjoyed this project, consider joining my Patreon or even leaving a 5-star review on itch. It would be deeply appreciated.

This game is now publicly free, I would like to thank everyone that supported the project over the past month 🙏

The supporter version comes with everything unlocked from the start.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(139 total ratings)
AuthorQuan Zillan
Made withGodot, Krita
Tags2D, Adult, Black and White, Creepy, Eroge, Erotic, Gay, Horror, Male protagonist, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button


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La verdadera parafilia


I have never lost a boner so fast, man, no offense, but there's some people of questionable existence out there in the world.


Can you make a game like this but worm's 😋


bro you gotta be joking


hell isnt big enough for all of us


This needs to be a genre of game.


My guy who is sitting around thinking "yeah what if that got in my cock" like lmao, creative non the less I guess?

auto clicker


spider cock spider cock does what ever a spider can


Make girl version😋

(1 edit) (+3)

Hoping you add more to this at some point, like just expand upon the supporter version. It's fucked up and weird but that's kinda why it's hot.


Can you add an erection function later, please, and add worms and spiders and some other types of bugs, and also so that bugs can crawl on eggs

-I know it's too perverted, but now it's my new fetish-


God, I love this game. Keep it up.

hahaha I mistook this as an interactive story type thingy so I was so confused-

in sandbox mode spawn 100 bugs

When the scope "creeps" past your intentions :3






You should make a version of this but you are female


May God save us all


fuck!!! i love this ngl... i hope you make more like this!! i'd support you if you do and if it would be for browser


At first I was like nah... then I entered the game and was like "• New fetish unlocked." Jokes aside the art is GOOD :D


I can say one thing about this game and that is...WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH YOU


joke: i think something about this game is 'bugging you' get it? cause its got bugs in it... ok, i'll see myself out for my terrible joke...


Haha 😂


sexiest game ever... any other games like this where you get to interact with an animated penis? This is the first ive ever found and i dont know how to look for them


is there gonna be update?


came for the titties stay for the story


Weird as hell. Kinda funny doe


Me and my friend really enjoyed this game, very nice friendship activity.


It could be funny if we could also put bugs in breasts

But the game is really great


Reminds me of the time i went commando in the park and a ant bite my youknowwhat


Wow really what did it left like.??


Two bite marks


oh ok I would have thought so so you enjoy the game and the new games this guy made I love chitinous carnival 


I love it so much


I am terrified of opening it but am curious.
Is it like so bad that playing it scars you for life or is it just like weird?
Basically should i play it or like nah


This is a great game, hope you add more creatures to infest


bro wtf


Will there be other insects or earthworms in future updates?

Mac versions say they are damaged after opening zip file.


what does silk do?


silk is when falling spiders try to return using a web, increasing the silk rate increases their chance of they trying to return

winning 3 strikes mode seems to softlock you


Fixed it, thank you for letting me know


In sandbox, don't use a 5ms autoclicker. You'll make the game freeze lol.


Alright I've played it.

Let's move on.

love it, curious what self-infest is in sandbox and silk % mean


"Self-infest" controls whether or not dragging a non-infesting insect over the tip of your cock triggers their infestation behavior.

"Silk %"  controls the odds that an insect shoots its silk.

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