Trapped and bound to the lab chair, Kylow is yours to toy with. Find his sweet spots and milk this dragon to your hearts content.

Milking Kylow is a small web pornographic web toy where you operate a sex machine to stimulate him until he blows his load. Game was a collaboration between Quan Zillan and Hazel Nuthead. And, if you really liked this web toy, consider leaving a rating or even a tip!

Designed for Firefox and Chrome


Use the mouse to drag the sliders for machine depth, stroke length, and stroke tempo. Use the pulse of the hearts to guide you to his sweet spots. When you see the pink halo, you are earning an edging bonus. Try to keep him there as long as possible.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(105 total ratings)
AuthorQuan Zillan
Made withKrita, Audacity, Godot
Tags2D, Adult, anal, anthro, Dragons, Erotic, Furry, milking, Mouse only, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes


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Win 64 Build 15 MB
Linux 64 16 MB
Mac 64 Build 16 MB
JoiPlay Package 6 MB

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damn, cant get it to work on windows and joiplay, keeps crashing at webgl, context is lost, please reload the page.

mustn't be loading correctly or something. ahh well.

too bad reloading the page doesnt work either for me anyways.

Can you play this on joiplay?

Check the downloads

I did download Joiplay package but it dosent show up in joiplay maybe it's not for joiplay idk


would love to see a update or a 2 part of the game where you can also do something with the milker


beat this





i can only hope for a newer phone version so i can play on my lemon but... good job on it and on your other projects. we can only wait and see but don't burn yourself out trying to make this old game work with lemon phones if you don't want to. you take care and keep up the good work!


 is 5514 ml supposed to happen?


The maximum cum size is uncapped.


well...........thats scary.....well time to end the world in a sea of milk


i have to ask. Is this available to mini ipad ? Cause i’m using one right now. Since laptop wifi is disable and needs to be fixed.


Holy moly he came a liter in a single load


i managed to get 3 liters in one load but the tank maxed out from earlier loads so i think i might have been able to get more


scratch that just got 5514 ml or 5 liters   




I cant get the game to play

How much does it take to fill up a Tank

58-60 orgasms

nope, that really depends on how much you edge him
I make him cum 3 times and it was enogh to fill a rank


About 2000mL I think, or close to it.


fun game.


I love this, it's so hot. It's so difficult to find milking games like this one. Very well done!


Hey quan zillan can you explain me how to run the joiplay package on my phone pls

  1. Download the .RGA file
  2. Tap the triple-dot button in the top-right-hand-corner
  3. Tap import
  4. Local the .RGA and choose it to import

no 32 bits?


Is it compatible with joiplay ?


After a quick test, it seems like it runs without issues. However, the game wasn't designed with mobile devices in mind. Additionally, I have quite a high spec phone. So, I have no idea how compatible it is with older/lower spec phones.  I'll add a download for it, but I can't guarantee the quality of the experience.


its ok  


any chance you plan to add onto it in the future? maybe once you have filled a tank, it could pump some cum through the toy in his ass

There are a few small things that I want to add in a 1.1 update. But, that won't be until sometime after February.

the games is not playing

What web browser are you using?