A super basic prototype of an idea I had... about 7 days ago.

Oh, and if the browser build doesn't work, I've included a Windows, Linux, and MacOS build.  The MacOS and Linux builds are untested.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
AuthorQuan Zillan
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Furry, Idle, NSFW, parasite, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


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infectious-designs-windows.zip 10 MB
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infectious-designs-macos.zip 24 MB


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what the actual fuck


I hope this game gets more updates


I hope this game gets more updates


I hope there will be more parasites added someday! It'd be really fun to mess with em all.


Is there plans for an Android build of this




I really want to play it tooooo


what the fuck did i just view


How nice :)


I may or may not have just used Cheat Engine to freeze the climax meter and just started putting many worms in. Ngl, Clever call making it so the size can increase further beyond the point where the character should technically be at 100% climax. A very intriguing and fun little game.


I had a lot of ideas for it, sadly my skills and familiarity with the game engine at the time were lacking. I had plans for denial systems, but alas I didn't the time back then.


I get that. lol

(1 edit) (-1)

Awwww... I wish it was possible in-game


I would say that you just gotta get Cheat Engine, but the site for it is too sus right now to grab it IMO. lol


how did you freeze it? i cant seem to find the address


It was a bit to get at first, but if you go by rough changes instead of setting it to exact values or exact value increases (I.E. Start at 0% and apply liberal use of the "Increased by unknown value" option) you can eventually find it. It can be a bit particular though due to the address value won't Always be the same as what is displayed, but ya' know, it works. lol

Funny thing is when you find the values for how many are in and just make it crazy high and let go of the freeze on the Climax values and just watch the lag-spike of thousands of worms squirt out. lol

It's like a bloody confetti cannon. XD


will this game ever get updated in the future? i wish there was more to do


I doubt I would updated this specific game. It's very much a mess under the hood. I was still very much learning to make games at this point. May try to revive the concept.


fair enough. i would definitely be happy seeing this again in the future.


i'd love to see more like this :)


hey, i'd love to see more of this by the way



Do More Like This I Liked This One So Please Actually Make Another One


Feed your cock, i do the same


Well done for a putting worms in a dick game.


I would love to see progress on this, its well made and the animations are good


Wow - please do more of this! You *definitely* will find a fanbase with the furs. 


i'm the evidence.


Pretty cool!


I... I don't believe any game has ever quite freaked me out, but it sure is novel and I bet you tons of other people will likely be into it!