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when you skip the remaining cards and move on to the next room, are they lost? or are they reshuffled into the deck?

like in other words, if you don't need a lust or chastity buff at the moment, can you leave those cards behind, to be drawn later? or if you can't face a club or spade right now, can you move on, knowing that they'll come back eventually?

edit - yes, skipped / fled cards are indeed reshuffled, and that's a big component of the strategy. Love it!

Have you ever played a mobile game called Deck 'Em? Very similar concept.


I think I came across references to that game in my research into Donsol. There is a lot of fun-looking dungeon-crawling card games floating about.

Could you make it playable on android?

Yeah, I want to but I didn't have time to check how the UI looks on a smaller screen. It technically works on a mobile web browser. But, the font rendering is a bit janky.


This is really good, though I wish I had more control over the transformation choices. There's also a lot of typos, but that's to be expected in a high-speed production format like a one-week challenge.


Yeah, I wanted player choice over what changed. But, it was scrapped due to time.

Tho, I started work on this early into February but ended up getting stuck on what the intro to the game should be. The card game was finished, the TF's drawn, but I had no way to tie it together. Then, I had a stroke of inspiration and blitzed out all the art and writing over the course of the weekend. The game almost didn't happen.

Also, I'm definitely going to fix my typos now that I had some sleep.


Totally fair! I look forward to V2

What a fun little game

ฉันไม่สามารถกด 'เริ่ม' หรือกดปุ่มอื่นๆ ได้

Currently non-interactive. Can't even click 'play'. You may have mistyped something.


Works fine on my end. Try testing it in different browsers. I'm using Google Chrome.

I've reduces the WebGL version from WebGL 2 to WebGL 1. Additionally, added downloadable builds to the game.

DL works poi-fec-ly. Getting used to the unusual card game took a bit, but still was interesting. The 'ending' was neat too. Any chance of alternate forms/mutations in possible later updates/changes? As is, it's a fun little time waster. TY Quan.

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